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For thousands of years, we have used inorganic materials like stone, terracotta and brick to erect various structures all over the world, mainly for there durability purposes. However, over time the environment and pollution still impose detrimental effects on these structures and ongoing maintenance in the form of conservation is the first step to 

promote longevity of our built heritage for future generations.

Whether it is stone, brick or terracotta, the cause and effect of the decay will vary, and our team of professionals have a wealth of knowledge in the repair and consolidation of these natural materials.

Historic Lime Stucco, Renders  & Shelter Coats

Stucco is generally known to be a durable material, however various problems can arise which can lead to bulging and even collapse. Excessive Water penetration is a common problem and we can assist in finding possible causes and carry out any necessary repairs to eliminate further decay of original stucco


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