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We understand the challenges faced in cleaning delicate structures and monuments and patience and dedication are key to a successful treatment. We are approved contractors for the use of ThermaTech and VorTech systems providing professional stone, terracotta and brickwork cleaning services throughout the UK.


Facade and masonry cleaning can enhance the look of a building or monument and also minimise the build-up of salt deposits that will, in turn, lengthen the life of the stone. However great care in how this is achieved is the key because there are methods that will make the stone look clean but has damaging consequences.


Many techniques have improved over the years and the use of the Thermatech and Vortech systems are at the forefront of architects specifications. This is because they are deemed to give the best results by keeping damage to a minimum.


We can clean all types of masonry from large-scale buildings to war memorials and brickwork to remove organic and inorganic coatings. This can be achieved using conventional methods for removing loose dirt and algae, hot pressurised steam cleaning and low 'swirl-abrasive' systems for more stubborn brittle coatings resulting from a build-up of salt deposits and carbon sulphation. We can also tackle more severe cases by providing a paint/ graffiti removal service to remove lead, oil, cement-based materials, spray paint and permanent marker.

Chemical Poultices

Poultice's are usually applied to draw out deep-seated contaminants and staining from the surface of masonry. Various products have a specific use and we can advise and implement the most suitable application for your needs.


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