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Completion of Structural repairs and stone replacements to a Grade II listed building.

Private Grade II Listed Building

Structural Repairs and Stone Replacements

We were first tasked to clean the sandstone facade, enabling us to gently remove dirt and algae build up so we could clearly identify the severity of stone deterioration. A significant number of stone replacements took place on all elevations, in particular to the exposed gable you can see (pictured above). The main driving factor for deterioration was laminating of the stone face due to poor craftsmanship in the building phase, where many ashlar blocks were face bedding instead of being laid on its intended natural bed. In this instance, erosion takes place very rapidly as the compressive strength is dramatically decreased overall, reducing the structural integrity of the building.

In previous years it was identified that the whole building was repointed using cementitious mortar which also played a significant role to the extent of the deterioration that was present. Due to the natural composition of sandstone, we had to be very careful to rake out the cementitious mortar to not create any further damage and fully repoint the whole building using Natural Lime to match the original.

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