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Coleorton Hall Monuments Restored To Former Glory.

Coleorton Hall has a rich history and home to a number of Grade II Listed Monuments located in the rear gardens. We were tasked with the delicate operation of repairing and restoring these historical monuments to there former glory.

The Mitlon and Shakespere Monument

Repair works included stone replacements to the pier and urn to make them structurally safe. Our stonemasons then steam cleaned the monument to remove algae and organic matter build-up. All defected joints chopped out and lime mortar repointing to match original mix composition.

Cleaning the Coade Stone Bust


Beaumont's Memorial

For the restoration works to began on the Beaumont's Memorial, our team had to steam clean the structure to allow a final inspection to assess the masonry components and bed joints. Our stonemasons cut out sections of damaged stone and inserted new stone to match original. All joints had failed to some degree with isolated areas of cementitious mortar to be chopped out and removed. Our conservation team prepared lime mortar samples to be approved by the conservation officer to find a suitable replacement to match the original mortars in colour and composition.


Unknown Memorial

Unfortunately, not much information regarding the history of this memorial was documented. The memorial had a considerable amount of moss and algae build-up. High-temperature steam cleaning with minimal pressure allows us to tackle more delicate stone without creating further damage. All defected joints were chopped out and replace with lime mortar.


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